Assassin's Creed V ?

Now that Black Flag is out, my theory for an asian medieval world is reported for the next AC game. Let them hear my prayer: "Please, please, please, dear people from Ubisoft, can't you do Assasin's Creed V in the XVII century in Asia ? There is so much to exploit in this period  (Joseon Dynasty in Korea, Edo periode in Japan and in China Quing Dynasty.... Yes I know I'm actually an Asia History addict... ). And that would be so cool if the hero for once was actually an Heroine, don't forget that you have a lot of AC players that are actually girls ! " And tadaaa, a fanart for this possible AC V :

Well if the next game will actually be like that, Ubi would have either read my article, received my request because I prayed very loud...... or just had the same idea. Let's hope !