Inktober 23

A little fanart, of Arya Stark one of the badassest character ever ! I've become an unconditional fan of this character and I just hope that George.R.Martin will let her alive until she can kill Cersei (I really hope that she is the one to kill Cersei). Imreally excited as well *o* because this sunday I will be to the Comic Con in Paris and will be able to meet with Maisie Williams who is interpretating Arya and is an actress of tomorrow !

Un petit fanart de Arya Stark l'un des persos les plus badass ever ! J'aime tellement ce perso et j'espères que G.R Martin la laissera en vie jusqu'à qu'elle puisse tuer Cersei. Je veux que ce soit elle qui tue Cersei. Je suis super heureuse car Dimanche je pourrai rencontré à la Comic Con de Paris l'actrice géniale Maisie Williams qui interprète Arya.